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Saturday, May 4, 2013

amapas de sierra alamos

amapas de sierra alamos by robyn tinus----
amapas de sierra alamos, a painting by Robyn Tinus

hot dogs on the alameda

hot dogs on the alameda by robyn tinus----
hot dogs on the alameda, a painting by Robyn Tinus

road to masiaca

road to masiaca by robyn tinus----
road to masiaca, a painting by Robyn Tinus


I haven't posted for quite some time because I started oil painting again after almost 10 years. One reason I wanted to live in Mexico was because I always felt so inspired to express my appreciation of this beautiful country. And to my surprise and delight I have sold six paintings recently and have an exhibit of 21 painting in the beautiful Hacienda de los Santos 5 star hotel here in Alamos.      click on  older posts  to see some paintings

paintings 005

paintings 005 by robyn tinus---- 
A PAINTING  by robyn tinus----


quincianera by robyn tinus----
quincianera, A PAINTING by robyn tinus---- on Flickr.

sunrise in Alamos

arroyo travelers

arroyo travelers by robyn tinus----
arroyo travelers, A PAINTING  by robyn tinus---- on Flickr.

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