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Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Charge It ! a visit to La Aduana

 La Aduana  is located a few miles from Alamos but it feels like Mexico of long ago.

 When you walk into the general store on the plaza at La Aduana, you will be greeted with friendly faces like this boy and his proud grandma. Everyone hangs out at the store or outside under the portal and no one ever sits in the glorieta in the middle of the road. The tienda is where you can have a cold soda and chat with the neighbors or help the 2 gringas find a ranchito.

 Please don't sit on the counter and if your name is pinned up maybe you should pay up (a slightly embarrassing way of billing)

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  1. Soo cool to re-visit our adventure again! I love your wit! Let's go on more adventures soon!